Container Seal:

High quality container bolt seal which is known for its effective
functioning among our valued clients. It is extensively used in Customs
department, exporters, logistic department and excise department.

Security Seal:

Mainly apply to seal Railway Containers, Trucks, Meter Boxes, Post Packages,
Doors and Bank Money Bags.

Cam Lock:

We offer high quality Plastic Cam Lock is made of ABS plastic material 

Cam Lock used for installation male and female sandwich panel


Use for fabrication of Sandwich Panels, each 2 Spacers should be
assembled together and fixed between 2 panels to give the required space

Wing Seal:

Stainless steel wing seal (clips) are fabricated from high quality stainless steel,
to fit for the band exactly that we offer. Clips are generally used for light gauge band,
like wires or pipes clamping. The wings are easily closed by general tools.


Stainless Steel Toggles (Toggle clips) are fabricated from high quality stainless steel,
with rounded edges to ensure safe handling. Toggle clips bear much more clamping
strength than common clips, generally used for metal plates fixing,

Bolt Caps:

A cover of 3/8 screw bolts for protecting and to match color of screws
with the panel color